We will miss you Pete Seeger.

We will miss you Pete Seeger.

For more than 50 years The Folk Music Center Store and Museum has been serving the needs of music lovers in Claremont, outside of Los Angeles, CA.

We carry an extremely wide variety of instruments in the folk, blues and world music styles. Everything from Guitars and Banjos, to Dulcimers, Mandolins, Violins, Cellos, Sitars, Harmonicas and much more.

Ukulele classes lessons in Claremont, La Verne, San Dimas, Upland, Montclair, Rancho CucamongaOur repair shop has been in operation since the beginning and can repair any instrument you have.

We offer private lessons and group classes in Guitar (all levels and styles), Ukulele, Slide Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Harmonica and Harp.

Claremont Folk Music Center guitar lessons Rancho Cucamonga, Glendora, PasadenaCheck out our regular list of events, concerts and classes.  And don’t forget that the last Sunday of every month is Open Mike Night.  Come in and show us what you’ve got.

Teachers and educators should give us a call to find out about bringing your students into our museum to experience traditional instruments from around the world.

FMC Celebrates 50 Years!

Recent Testimonial…

Hi Ellen …
I am writing to let you know how happy I am that I picked your shop from the internet!

I inherited a banjo that wouldn’t hold a tune, but was otherwise very impressive (a Bacon & Day Silver Bell #3) … It is gold plated and seemed very special to me, a non-playing banjo neophyte. I have a musician friend who took it to a famous shop in Arizona to try to determine what I had. The person helping my friend told him “They made hundreds of these and we would have to replace the tuning pegs to make it playable” while offering him a low amount for the banjo. My friend told me that he didn’t trust the guy to be honest, that he was just trying to “steal” my banjo for a fraction of it’s worth. My friend gave me back the banjo and suggested that, because it was not playable, I should put it on the wall as a unique decoration.

I decided to take my “project” a step further and started researching the banjo and what it would take to get it playable again. I wanted to find a banjo repair business in southern California to at least get the tuning pegs assessed and see what it would take to bring the banjo back to being a musical instrument. This is when I found your shop’s web page. It seemed like the kind of shop I was looking for, and while it is fairly far from my home, the people at the Folk Music Center turned out to be exactly what I needed … Great people that would give me an honest assessment of my banjo. When your Luthier called me to let me know that the tuning pegs are fine and just needed tightening, I was very happy. I came to the shop to pick it up and was met by a “friend” of the shop who knew more about banjos (and my particular banjo) than I would have thought possible.

Turns out my banjo is very unique and potentially valuable to the right buyer.

After almost 2 hours of education on my banjo and a very reasonable charge for restringing it and adjusting the pegs, I left with my (working) banjo and the thought that I had found the perfect banjo shop for my project.

Friendly people who are knowledgeable and honest with a community of “friends” to round out the knowledge base are quite the prescription for a music based business. The fact that you have been there forever confirms this.

I consider myself lucky to have found your shop and have and will continue to recommend your shop to anyone looking for an honest business that gives more than expected.

Thanks so much for your help … You helped me turn a wall decoration into quite a prize!

Chris L.