At the Folk Music Center, we have been repairing and restoring vintage American instruments as well as instruments from around the world for 45 years.

Repair Shop Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm

For repairs give a call or email at


The repair shop is integral to the store and museum. Every instrument in the store goes through the repair shop first to ensure that it is set up in the optimum playing condition.

Our luthiers have studied with such masters as Charles Chase, Jack Willock, Larry Jackson, Mickey Chonos, Billy Asher, and David Dart among others. In the words of Charles Chase, “If it’s made of wood, metal, goat, cow we’ll re-skin it, restring it, and repair it.”


Henry Barnes has been building and repairing stringed instruments since 1983. He worked for Charvel / Jackson in the early eighties where he gained experience making guitars. At that time, he started experimenting with solid body instrument designs and has gone on to create many original acoustic and electric instruments. Henry specializes in the set up and repair of sitars, banjos, mandolins, and violins, fret replacement and fret dressing of all stringed instruments, neck resets, electronics, and pickup installation.


John Roy began guitar lessons at the age of ten and soon began working on his own instruments. This interest led to a job with Charvel Guitar Co. In the early 1990s he went to work for two other guitar builders, Fernandez, and Tom Anderson. John has continuously researched, repaired, restored, customized and built many stringed instruments of all types. He has a wide-ranging knowledge of electronics for both acoustic and electric instruments. Together he and Henry form a team that can address any repair and/or restoration of your stringed instrument.